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Middle aged woman with care and tenderness face skin looking to the mirror

Your personal skincare clinic

Professional facial and body treatments that nourish and hydrate.

Book with SA Beauty and leave your skin happy and healthy. Find your chosen centre in London, Hartlepool, Swindon or Hemel Hempstead.

Applying facial mask at woman face at beauty salon

Revitalise tired looking skin, smoothen texture and combat the signs of aging with SA Beauty’s facials range. These custom treatments can be specifically tailored to the most pressing skin concerns, using non-surgical techniques and Dermalogica Pro products to leave the skin radiant and glowing.

Woman lies on a table in a beauty spa getting a treatment

This popular treatment looks to exfoliate and smoothen the outer most layer of the skin to target acne scarring, sun damage and dullness. Safe and effective for most skin types, our treatment utilises vitamin C and diamond tool technology for even better results. Want to learn more? Simply get in touch. 

A sea mud full body wrap being applied to the body at a luxury spa
Body treatments

Detoxify, stimulate and balance the body’s energy with exclusive therapies at SA Beauty. Our exfoliating and sculpting body treatments work to smooth and refine the skin, whilst adding moisture and helping your body relax. We can target specific areas of the body, to give the impression of firmer, more toned skin and achieve amazing results.

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Give your skin some love 

It’s safe to say, your skin goes through a lot! From daily stresses to sun exposure and the harshness of the colder months, the everyday can soon start to take its toll on your complexion, resulting in dryness, itching and other skin complaints that can leave you irritated and lacking in confidence. SA Beauty is here to tackle those issues, promoting happy and healthy skin. 

From Dermalogica’s Pro facials to our detoxifying and rejuvenating body scrubs and wraps, our skincare clinics have everything you need to hydrate and moisturise tired skin. Find your chosen centre and book a consultation with our professionals to find the ideal treatment for you. 

Happy young beautiful woman smiling joyfully while professional beautician cleansing her f


“The treatments I received were well done and the therapist was lovely and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks so much for helping me feel pampered!” 


A skincare clinic with your satisfaction at the heart. Visit your chosen centre and book with SA Beauty today.

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