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Woman having ear piercing process with special equipment in beauty center by medical worker

Facial piercing and henna

Let your individuality shine at SA Beauty.

Offering bespoke henna and nose and ear piercing at our modern clinics across London and beyond.

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Facial piercing

Complete your look with nose or ear piecing from SA Beauty. However you choose to express yourself, our priority remains the same – your safety. Our therapists work in line with stringent hygiene standards to ensure every procedure is delivered with care. Furthermore, we’ll provide aftercare advice to promote the healing process and prevent any issues following the treatment.

Beautiful young indian woman in traditional clothing

A traditional treatment used for personal decoration for centuries. Derived from natural sources, henna is a paste dye that can be applied to the skin to create stunning body art that lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. Allowing their talents to flourish, our team create intricate, unique designs that accentuate the feet and hands and allow you to celebrate your individuality and culture.

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Create your perfect look

SA Beauty believes in individuality, offering a range of bespoke treatments that allow you to truly express yourself. Our facial piercing and henna services give you the power to get creative with your appearance, and we offer the space and expertise to allow your personal style to flourish.


Available at selected salons across London, Hartlepool, Swindon and Hemel Hempstead, book with our team or contact us to learn more about our processes.

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“Super quick and efficient! Great service”


Choose your treatment, allow our professionals to do the rest. Find your closest SA Beauty clinic. 

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