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Long-lasting hair removal treatments

Save time and money on hair removal.

Work with SA Beauty to find a comfortable, cost-effective treatment that offers the longevity you desire.

Hot wax treatment
Hot waxing

Ideal when tackling smaller target areas, this treatment uses layers of warm wax applied directly to the hair follicle for direct, expert removal of unwanted hairs. Once applied, the wax is left to harden before being gently peeled off by your therapist. Suitable for all skin and hair types, including our more sensitive clients, hot wax is said to cause less soreness or redness than other removal methods, and can adhere to hair as short as 1mm for amazing results.

Beautiful woman with long hair wearing a bra and isolated on white background

Looking to reduce the appearance of your hair without removing it entirely? Bleaching may be the way to go. This hair lightening procedure can hide unwanted body and facial hair without the discomfort experienced with some removal procedures. Ideal for those with finer hair, find out if this could be a better way for you to tackle troublesome hair.

Beautician doing depilation
Strip waxing

Following the same principles as hot waxing, this treatment uses and runny wax which is applied directly to the target area. The difference comes with the addition of strips which are then pressed on top of the wax and removed once hardened. This is an ideal treatment for larger coverage areas, including the legs and back, allowing for a quick and efficient removal.


Laser epilation treatment
IPL & laser hair removal

IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser hair removal are effective solutions for stubborn hair growth in many areas, including the face, back and intimate areas. Both work by targeting the hair follicle over a course of sessions, using a light source to interrupt its growth cycle.  IPL uses multiple wavelengths which means it will target the hair and surrounding area, whereas lasers are more concentrated and targeted. Speak with SA Beauty to choose the right one for you.

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Bid ‘goodbye’ to shaving!

There’s no getting around it, hair removal is costly, not to mention extremely time consuming. However, SA Beauty offers a range of treatments that allow you to keep on top of unwanted hair whilst slowing down regrowth and giving you a treatment that’s comfortable and less irritant than many of the traditional hair removal techniques we've been subject to!


Offered at our Oxford Street, Crouch End, Swindon, Wood Green, Hartlepool and Hemel Hempstead branches, explore the right approach to effortless hair removal with our talented team. 

Waxing legs procedure series


“Loved the lady that was waxing me, she took her time, and she was gentle. She made sure I was ok throughout the appointment.”


Tackle unwanted hair the right way with SA Beauty. Find your closest clinic today!

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